Short interview with Meine Pieter van Dijk

Five questions
Meine Pieter van Dijk
Meine Pieter van Dijk, professor of entrepreneurship MSM & EUR

CLOSER CITIES aims to connect urban science and urban practice. And to showcase the extensive array of existing urban research.

In the ‘5 questions’ series, we ask scientists to briefly reflect on their research and the shareability of their insights and projects.

1. What is the main focus of your research (topic, theme, region)?

How cities deal with climate change

2. Can you give a brief description of your research?

With colleagues in China we look at different aspects of the climate change issue: heat waves, water management, vulnerability, resilience, CO2 emissions and urban sustainability in general.

3. How much influence does ‘local context’ have in your field of work? Can results or solutions from your research be shared with other regions easily?

every paper is written with a Chinese colleague and the research is often done in consultation with local organizations, in a specific city. Concerning the findings we assume they can be applied in other regions as well.

4. What are the main lessons learned that can be used by urban initiatives?

pay attention to urban satisfaction surveys work with organized forms of citizens look for local governance structures there are more stakeholders than local government

5. How do you think cities can implement these lessons?

Using insights from transition management. Implementation is a function of the history, the governance structures in palce, space for other actors and the quality of your research.