Overview of the custom-made platforms of our partners

Custom-made platforms

As part of the Closer Cities website, it is possible to build your own platform. This is actually a mini-website within Closer Cities. If you are part of a consortium, or you would like to collect and analyse projects related to a certain urban topic, or you need an online tool to collect, analyse, and discuss urban projects, this might be an option for you.  

Water-Energy-Food Nexus

The Water-Energy-Food nexus is full of complicated interdependencies. Decisions in one field will often have consequences for the other two. What if we manage to exchange effective projects? Via the Closer Cities urban research project, we aim to develop a better understanding of comparability between situations/cities and exchangeability of solutions. On the Water-Energy-Food nexus page, you can find more information, take part in dialogues, and share a WEF-nexus project with the platform.