Closer Cities

Countless urban initiatives worldwide deserve more attention than they currently receive. This platform seeks to accelerate their impact.


Closer Cities is a scientific research project. By analysing urban projects, we gain a better understanding of how to make optimal use of urban knowledge all around the world. We give this knowledge back to you - urban actors, case submitters, fellow researchers and more - through online events. Advancing urban knowledge transfer increases the impact of urban initiatives and promotes the Sustainable Development Goals. Become part of this movement!

Why Closer Cities?

  • For practitioners & researchers
  • Open source
  • Non-profit
  • Focus on SDG's
  • Truly global
Urban practice - Urban science

How it works

Closer Cities is all about world citizenship by urban actors: sharing knowledge and best practices. They are too good to keep to yourself - we call upon all urban actors to join the movement!

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Submit a case

  • think of a project worth sharing
  • an inspiring project you work on
  • a project that will interest others
  • use the form on the website
  • your case is featured on platform
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How do we use the data?

  • big data analysis on all cases
  • open source availability
  • research and education purposes
  • translation into practical use
  • researchers will reflect on outcomes
How we use data

What's in it for you?

  • benchmark your project
  • learn from other projects
  • participate in events
  • be part of a global urban community
  • contribute to essential research
what's in it for you?

Urban Practice

On this part of the platform: concrete examples of urban projects, covering a wide range of different areas. They are submitted by researchers, social entrepreneurs, people who work for local government authorities, and so on. It’s a place to find inspiration; perhaps there’s information that could be applied to your own city!

Urban Science

Scientific reflections, interviews, articles. What do scientists think about sharing urban knowledge? What are the factors that stimulate or hinder knowledge-sharing? What is the impact of the local context? Researchers give their opinions on the results of big data analyses of the cases.


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Urban projects, shared with the world:

Discover the projects from all around the world that could make a difference in your city.


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