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2. Location of the project
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6. What is the (expected) duration of the project?
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9. Please select the main topic(s) of this project.
10. Please select the UN Sustainable Development Goal(s) to which this project contributes.
Make sure that you upload an image to which you hold the rights, or an image that is freely available. Other requirements: Minimal width: 1000 pixels. Maximum file size: 20 MB. File type: JPG, JPEG, PNG. Orientation: landscape. To add more images, click the '+' button. Then it will be displayed as a slider on your project page. Also please do not forget to credit the photographer.

17. Please upload one (or more) image(s) of the project. The image(s) will be visible on your project's Closer Cities page.

Content Case image
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Allowed types: png gif jpg jpeg.
Images must be larger than 1000x1 pixels.
Please provide the name of the photographer if available. The name of the photographer will apear as a caption on the image.