7 Square Endeavour

On the Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam, building owners, knowledge institutions, market participants and government bodies, united in 7 Square Endeavour, work together on a testing ground for synergy and innovation. New technologies, cyclical processes and business models are contributing to the goal: a climateproof and CO²-neutral square in 2030

Stage of the project




Starting Up





Why was this project started?

Since the theater in Rotterdam could not reach their own sustainability goals. They needed an area solution to realize this.

The results of the project so far

The first green roof is developed on the Schouwburg in Rotterdam. Currently we are developing a CO2 neutral energysystem with Eneco.

What are specific, distinctive, strong elements in this project?

Public private partnership. A well equiped processmanager. A very good network of organizations.

Which specific lessons, do's and don'ts would you like to share? What would be suggestions for others when preparing or implementing the project in their own city?

The process itself can be a bit slow due to the nature of a PPS. Therefore, you really need a good process manager on the ground to make progress.

Have others adopted, or shown interest in adopting, your idea in their own area?

Not yet, but 7 Square Endeavour means that the Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam is the first square out of seven worldwide with a concept like this.

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