Dr. Negar Noori new on the Closer Cities team

The Closer Cities team is constantly expanding. In July 2021, Negar Noori joined the team to enhance the Smart City theme and support knowledge sharing among smart cities.

In July 2021, we welcomed Negar Noori to the Closer Cities team. Negar is a Postdoctoral Researcher at 'Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity' at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Tech & Policy advisor for Smart and Inclusive Cities.

Our cities, pushed by emerging technologies and environmental challenges, are experiencing essential transitions. In this transitional pathway, Dr. Noori helps urban policymakers and practitioners to develop smart and inclusive cities. In simple words, becoming a ‘Smart City’ means utilising emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), and (social /technological) innovations to manage the cities and provide better services and solutions. And becoming an ‘inclusive city’ means placing ‘citizens’ at the core of the development process and targeting all groups of citizens for building urban (smart) solutions.

Negar Noori is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Erasmus research initiative of ‘Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity’. Her research focuses on providing guidelines for smart cities to become more inclusive. Negar has done her PhD in ‘Smart City Policy Transplantation,’ which mainly relates to learning from smart city good practices and transplanting their policies and solutions in the cities that want to become smart. One of the ‘Smart City Policy Transplantation’ core facets is sharing urban knowledge, which is perfectly aligned with Closer Cities' project objectives. This common ground drove Negar to join the team to have a more direct impact on the community. What Negar enjoys the most about working with the Closer Cities team is its innovative and open approach to urban knowledge sharing. Her contribution is to facilitate knowledge sharing among smart cities and assist the smart city initiatives to learn from good practices. 

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