Publication of the conference report Water-Energy-Food nexus in cities

The full report of the international conference on Water-Energy-Food nexus in cities is now available on the Closer Cities platform, along with the video of the WEF-nexus conference. The report contains a comprehensive description of the WEF-nexus conference as well as the key discussions among experts, and the outcomes and learning points. The report also outlines the next steps of the Closer Cities project regarding the Water-Energy-Food nexus theme and how you can stay updated and involved. 

The Water-Energy-Food nexus in cities conference

On May 12, 2022, Closer Cities organised a one-day international conference on the Water-Energy-Food nexus in cities. The conference was organised in close collaboration with a large number of partners and experts. The conference was fully aligned with the philosophy of the Netherlands: Solving Global Challenges Together. The predominant focus of this conference was on how improved urban knowledge sharing regarding the WEF-nexus contributes to realisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Partners and experts who contributed to the organisation of this conference come from various organisations including TNO, Deltares, TU Delft, Wageningen University & Research, Erasmus University Rotterdam, IHS Institute for Housing and Urban Development, Global Compact Network Netherlands, Aeres Hogeschool, RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency), Province of Flevoland, RUAF and several others.

Full report

The WEF-nexus conference report contains the following elements:

  • An overview of the conference including set-up, experts and participants
  • Detailed report of the three table rounds and discussions
  • Key outcomes, next steps of the WEF-nexus, and how to stay involved

Access full WEF-nexus report


Next steps and how to stay involved

The results of the conference are of much value to the Closer Cities approach, on urban knowledge sharing optimisation. The outcome of the WEF-nexus conference provides an important basis for continued research of questions like: which WEF-nexus approach works where and why, and how can improved cross-border exchange of insights and projects make sure that we make optimal use of this and reduce knowledge to remain untapped? Via our platform and the WEF-nexus page, examples will be collected and analysed. Urban professionals working in this field are invited to share projects and experiences and continue to work on this topic together. Closer Cities will continue to work on the WEF-nexus for the coming years as well as on various other urban topics.

Useful links to stay involved with Closer Cities and the WEF-nexus:

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