Vlog 1: Green-roofed bus shelters in Utrecht

As part of the Netherlands' campaign Solving Urban Challenges Together, urban actors around the world share their stories on projects they have undertaken via vlogs. By sharing ideas that address the SDGs, climate change, or just ideas and projects that make the world a better place, cities can help one another become resilient in the future. The first vlog is on an inspiring project from Utrecht, the Netherlands, that has been implemented in many other cities in the Netherlands and in the UK, Sweden, and Germany. 

Green-roofed bus shelters

The city of Utrecht has completed the wide-scale installation of 500 green roofs at its bus stops. The green roofs on the bus shelters help by:

  • capturing particulates
  • storing rainwater
  • providing cooling when it is hot
  • promoting the city's biodiversity (e.g. bees and other insects)

All of these are extremely beneficial for insects like (bumble)bees. The bus stops directly contribute to a healthy living environment in the city and they help raise awareness. Many cities in the Netherlands and other European countries have expressed their interest and have implemented green-roofed bus shelters in their cities. 

How to join the campaign

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Discover more about the campaign. On 14 February 2022 at 14:30-16:00 CET, the Netherlands and Closer Cities will share best practices for liveable cities during an online interactive event. Find more information about the event and how to register.