Vlog 2: Horticulture in Ghana for a brighter future

As part of the Solving Urban Challenges Together campaign with the Netherlands, urban actors share their inspiring stories and experiences on projects they have undertaken. By sharing ideas and projects that make the world a better place, cities can help each other become resilient in the future. The second vlog is a project on horticulture in Ghana for a brighter future that addresses the SDGs and climate change. 

Horticulture in Ghana

Horticulture in Ghana for a Brighter Future is a Ghanaian-Dutch cooperation to bring about sustainable growth in the Ghanaian horticulture sector. The TU Delft, together with the Kwadaso Agricultural College (KAC) and Holland Green Tech Ghana (HGT), developed a 4-month vocational training program to equip the youth to find a job or become an entrepreneur in the horticulture sector. Horticulture in Ghana for a Brighter Future uses a blended competence-based approach to teach young farmers about new technologies and good economic practices. 

The project is completely implemented by a team that is based in Ghana and exists of Ghanaian experts. This ensures that it fits the local context. Watch hereunder how cooperation between Kwadaso Agricultural College & TU Delft trains young Ghanaian farmers, increasing local employment & food security.

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