College Arcology/Closer cities.

Chose Paris as my subject city as it is one of largest population centres in Europe. The idea is mixture of arcology from science fiction, modular construction inspired by LEGO and guild system of traditional days. Includes share-nomics of socialism in sharing professional research spaces and other equipment for leisure, entertainment and others.

Stage of the project




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Why was this project started?

To improve the quality of life and R&D capacity of professionals in similar fields. By putting them in close proximity of each other, they are encouraged to share their expertise amongst themselves as well as work opportunities and encouraging collaboration.
To decrease the cost of living while fighting against climate change by smart, green technologies incorporated into the design. Share-nomics will contribute to this by reducing any waste to unnecessary resources.
While currently introducing arcology size buildings are close to impossible, we can build smaller scale mass dwellings which are semi sufficient.
The starting point will be capsule hotel design from Japan. Due to the nature of long term housing provided, these capsule beds will need to be roughly double the size of capsule hotel to allow for comfort, ergonomics and room for personal configurations.

Hopefully modifying and adopting the guild system of 14th and 15th centuries, with room for more personal equality and contribtion, we can put similar professions together, voluntarily in subsidized self-efficient buildings.
By sharing recreational spaces and specialised workshops for R&D, we can save resources while further encouraging advances in appropriate fields. Construction guilds can have communal state of art tool kits. Chemical engineers can have their own combined chemistry labs to experiment and study, if required. They can share a dedicated library that's specialised in relevant topics.
Throw in large indoor vertical farming structure that takes upto 1/3 of the building space and we can have a shared relaxation/recreation space that also provides staple food for the inhabitant.

To save costs, it will be important to construct such buildings from modular panels with insulation, plumbing, electricity, solar panels built in and mass produced.

The results of the project so far

Most of the technology required to adopt this vision into real life is available right now. Of course economics of scale dictates that this will be most beneficial in EU and China, where big population centres are close by each other and can justify sharing their resources and expertise.

What are specific, distinctive, strong elements in this project?

Concentration of skilled workers and professionals in subsidized living space that is ecofriendly, low maintenance and encourage sharing of knowledge in that particular field. Encourage further development of professional skills and opportunities outside of university and workplaces.

Also provides basis for future arcology technology and modular panels could be adopted to construct low cost housing should the economies of scale and mass production allows it so.

Which specific lessons, do's and don'ts would you like to share? What would be suggestions for others when preparing or implementing the project in their own city?

It is important that people are not punished for refusing the join College Arcology/Closer cities. There should be opportunities for traditional housing for those who desire for options.

Best way to do this is via subsidized rent and living costs.

All efforts must be made to provide considerations for individual requirements (customization of capsule hotel/bed module, sufficient private storage space, etc) and preserve privacy plus comfort.

Since there are alot of communal spaces and share-nomics implemented, it is important to incorporate surfaces and furnitures that are easy to clean and disinfect. Modular panels used for construction should be easy to maintain and upgrade.

Ongoing, regular upgrade of building panels and interior spaces should be accounted for in the design, so that building is easily updated with newer technology plus meeting the needs of inhabitants over different time period.

Regular upgrade and maintenance of this arcology/self sufficient building is important so that it remains desirable to its inhabitants and remains up to date with latest ecofriendly technology.

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