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Covid-19 is once in a century pandemic. It has caused massive disruption to the economy and the livelihoods, especially of those living and working in the informal sector. Their income sources have vanished. Most of them live in high-density slums which lack space, sun, air, clean water and sanitation.

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India’s 7936 cities and towns, having a population of 377 million, generate 60% of GDP and 70% of the jobs. According to 2011 census, 2613 cities have 13.9 million slum households with a population of 65.4 million. With diminishing returns from agriculture, people are migrating to urban areas for jobs, better facilities and livelihoods.
Most of the migrants work in the informal sector as domestic servants, labour, vendors, construction workers and live in crowded, cramped and congested slums.

What are specific, distinctive, strong elements in this project?

• Whether the focus of urban development should change towards healthy environment and housing?
• Whether the medical approach towards the pandemic should link more closely with the GIS and digital order? • Can there be long term strategy to deal with the vexing migrants’ issues, and a targeted eco-system for their resettlement

Which specific lessons, do's and don'ts would you like to share? What would be suggestions for others when preparing or implementing the project in their own city?

Healthy and sustainable development involves reducing emissions, compact and dense development, According to the IPCC (Climate Change Report, 2014, WG III) the critical aspects of spatial planning comprise:
• Density, FAR optimisation
• Land use (mix of activities, population)
• Connectivity, walkability and traffic density
• Accessibility for all by public transit, cycle, walk

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