My Way, Greenway

The project is about adapting environment friendly activities through the mobile application -Greenway. The first step of adapting is by asking people to record their city rides in the mobile application which shows the amount of carbon offsetted. Besides it promotes green bussinesses which provides services to make individual lifestyle sustainable

Stage of the project




Starting Up





Why was this project started?

Cycling is already gaining popularity in Nepal for various reasons, including increasing health concerns, traffic congestion, and lately, COVID-19. This very “cycle boom” observed in Kathmandu and many other cities across the world under the lockdown provides an opportune moment to explore possibilities of promoting a green movement.
Going beyond cycling game, the initiative is aimed at advocating for policy changes to promote cycle cities across the
country. This campaign should also be a platform to promote environment friendly lifestyle and practices such as
recycling, walking, greening (plantation), ride sharing and commuting through public/mass transport. This initiative aims to promote both green businesses and practices. This may involve engaging/encouraging organizations, communities,
and local governments in formulating conducive policies and programs to encourage environment friendly practices.

The results of the project so far

The results so far achieved by the project is that we have been able to have 7000+ users in the mobile application who have recorded 3,80,000+ km of rides that has supported in offsetting 57,000+ kgs of Carbon Dioxide. Additionally, we have registered 5 bussinesses in the mobile application, partnered with 4 municipalities, 12 schools and provided 100+ cycles to girls to promote cycling.

What are specific, distinctive, strong elements in this project?

The project is neither similar to strava like bussinesses that cater consumer needs nor is it a mere market place for green products and consumers. Greenway, is a platform that incentivizes individual efforts in adapting a sustainable lifestyle. It uses greenups to bring together businesses and individuals to scale up their effort to absorb precedented climate risk. All stakeholders are coming together for a win win situation against the fight with climate change. Another unique point that differentiates us from the identified competitors is that we collaborate with the Humanitarian Agencies, National and local governments and private companies.

Which specific lessons, do's and don'ts would you like to share? What would be suggestions for others when preparing or implementing the project in their own city?

The do's are that collaboration is a big key for success of any project and we have been doing that for now and patiently working on developing more of it before we start to reap profits out of it. Secondly, communication and networking is a big factor as it brings people on the same page which makes them understand why are we doing it.

Have others adopted, or shown interest in adopting, your idea in their own area?

Since we are in the first year of operation thus the ideas has been warming up among the people. People are showning interest in it and we are onboarding different green partners thus it has been penetrating the market to devlop sustainable lifestyle among the people.

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