Smart Rio - Integration, conexion and sustainability

It is about data integration, lightening, security and energy. We know smart city and sustainable lightening systems are not exactly news. But talking about Brazil and specifically on Rio de Janeiro, we think this is an enormous challenge as we hope to explain. The territory is very complex for its heterogeneity.

Stage of the project




Starting Up





The results of the project so far

A PPP was modelled by Rio de Janeiro City Hall, firstly with the aid of an international financing organism but the basis of it were evaluated as not convenient for the city in the long term of a PPP, but only to the private partner if held that way. So the public administration decided to model it with its own technical staff and a contract is already signed with the winner consortium which offered the best conditions to the public partner and, consequently, to the tax payer citizens.

What are specific, distinctive, strong elements in this project?

Rio de Janeiro has been known as a very unequal city regarding infrastructure investments. So first in this project, we aim an equal distribution of the new and sustainable lightening resources, starting with it in the less favoured places. Some of the most violent areas in Rio are directly related with lack of correct lightening and state action. Other strong issues are related to low carbon emissions, better use of resources and respectful use of collected data.

Which specific lessons, do's and don'ts would you like to share? What would be suggestions for others when preparing or implementing the project in their own city?

Starting with the don'ts, maybe the use of the international consultancy of "experts" are not always a good way to start a sustainable project ("sustainable" here is used in the economic meaning of the term). It is imperative that the public sector have means of paying for the project during the long term of it. The must do is take the necessary time to design a meaningful, feasible, payable project. One must sign a contract that should be good not only for him but for the whole duration of it.

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